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5-6. Research and Monitoring of Progress

5. Research

There is a long and rich tradition for research cooperation between Denmark and Tanzania. The cooperation between universities dates back to the 1960s and the beginning of development cooperation. It has been a constant reality in the 50 years of development cooperation between Denmark and Tanzania, and it has produced many positive results, in the form of knowledge in the two countries and capacity development in Tanzania. Denmark will continue to support research in Tanzania, both through traditional development research and through other initiatives, such as the South-driven research cooperation and initiatives linked more directly to the sector programmes.

6. Monitoring of progress

Within each of the thematic areas, specific indicators will be chosen to monitor performance and results. To the largest extent possible, these indicators will be chosen from the Tanzanian government’s own strategies and systems for monitoring the selected areas. Denmark will continuously monitor developments and progress against these indicators and assess the extent to which the support has led to the intended results. Within each area, Denmark will identify potential risks and the needed strategies to continuously monitor and manage these risks. A comprehensive high-level review of the entire Danish Tanzania policy and country programme will take place during the 2014-2018 period. The goal will be to assess whether the strategic objectives within each thematic area continue to be relevant in relation to the overall goals, and whether the Danish support has been provided in the most effective way possible to achieve the desired results.

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