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Growth and Employment

Economic growth is necessary to eradicate poverty. But, due to increasing pressure on natural resources and higher demand for food, energy and water, growth needs to be green. Denmark will contribute to paving the way for global and local solutions to these challenges, and put pressure on the multilateral system to strengthen their efforts to support developing countries to promote and stimulate green growth.

Denmark will:

  • Support developing countries in eradicating poverty and generate sustainable development through green growth, increased earnings and more jobs, not least for the youth. 
  • Support green growth based on sustainable management and use of natural resources.
  • Contribute to strengthen the international and national framework for green growth and enhance the coherence with environmental protection.
  • Promote innovative technology and financial solutions within agriculture, forestry, environment, energy, water, and climate. 
  • Promote a resource efficient food production which sustainably and effectively can feed an increasing population
  • Contribute to increasing developing countries’ access to sustainable energy and strengthen the support to more sustainable and resource efficient management and use of energy and water.
  • Promote poor men and women’s increased participation and improved access to water, land, knowledge and financing.

By promoting green growth based on sustainable management and use of natural resources Denmark will support developing countries in generating sustainable and inclusive economic growth and job creation. The private sector should be a force for economic growth and employment and contribute to sustainable and inclusive development. Both the international and national framework for green growth should be strengthened, and policy coherence for trade, agriculture, environment, energy, climate and development must be enhanced.

Denmark’s support to green growth will focus on sustainable food production, access to energy and water, and integrated climate efforts.

Because growth in the agricultural sector has a greater effect on poverty reduction than growth in any other sector, Denmark will work to strengthen agriculture and food production. This will entail a strong effort to promote growth and employment creation and strengthening of the whole production value-chain.

Access to energy and water are crucial for societal growth and a critical factor in food production. It is also an important factor for the poorest and most vulnerable groups. Denmark will therefore strengthen the efforts for access to energy and water and support a more sustainable use of these resources.

Climate focussed activities will be an important and integrated element in Danish development cooperation, and should contribute to green growth, job creation and promote climate adapted agricultural production. Denmark wants to be a leading development partner concerning climate change and work for increased international prioritisation of climate finance.

Green growth will only succeed if there is an open and inclusive dialogue between citizens, civil society, the private sector and authorities on how green initiatives will be planned and adapted to the country-specific situation. Denmark will therefore work to promote participation and inclusion.

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