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Denmark's participation in the EU development cooperation

In October 2013 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark published "Together for a Better World: Strategic Framework for Denmark's participation in EU Development Cooperation".

The development policy landscape has changed radically in recent years, and in the future Denmark’s influence in the world will increasingly manifest itself through a strong and united EU. Despite its size, Denmark is highly respected for its development cooperation and has good experience of exerting influence in the EU. Therefore, Denmark has a great interest in a strong and dynamic EU that can provide an even more effective voice for Danish values and key priorities globally.

Strategic prioritisation

Together for a better world focuses on three areas where Denmark can help make a significant difference in the development field through the EU:

  1. The EU as a global force for human rights
    The EU must incorporate human rights in all its relations and policies with developing countries by means of a human rights-based approach to development. By viewing human rights as both a means and an end, action can be taken to address the fundamental causes of poverty. 
  2. The EU as a stable partner in fragile states
    The EU must unfold its full potential in terms of preventing conflicts, creating security and building stable and legitimate states. Denmark already plays an important role in relation to fragile states. The EU’s involvement must be strengthened and the synergies between EU policies must be utilised to an even greater degree.
  3. The EU as a driver of green growth and employment
    The EU must prioritise green growth and employment as a key to prosperity and as a precondition for sustainable development. The EU must use its influence in international negotiations to ensure that development, environment and climate are addressed in a coherent way. The EU must also promote equitable exploitation and use of natural resources as well as access to food.

Influence and results

The results of EU development cooperation must be made more visible. Denmark will be aware of the EU’s comparative strengths and weaknesses. Stronger focus must be placed on identifying in which areas greater EU cooperation will benefit Denmark. Denmark will seek influence by contributing to policy formulation and implementation at both capital and country level, by strengthening alliances with relevant actors and by strategic placement of Danish staff in Brussels and at EU delegations around the world. In this way, Denmark can be ambitious in its approach to EU cooperation within the development field.

Photo Credit: European Commission DG ECHO 

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