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Danida Business Explorer

Danida Business Explorer has as of the 24th of February 2020 been replaced by Danida Innovation & Business Explorer. Applications for Danida Business Explorer can thus no longer be submitted. Current projects and applications received before the 24th of February are still in process.

For more information on Danida Innovation & Business Explorer and application form click here.



The Sustainable Development Goals offer compelling business opportunities. Danida Business Explorer provides support to Danish companies who wish to explore a specific business opportunity in a developing country. The project must address a development need in the developing country and focus on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

DKK 15 million have been allocated for new projects in 2019. There are no fixed call for proposals and applications will be evaluated throughout the year.

Guidelines for 2019 and application form can be downloaded from this page.

Danida Business Explorer gives financial support to a part of the Danish company’s costs related to an investigation of a specific project in a developing country. The maximum financial support is 50 % of the total actual costs, but not exceeding DKK 500,000. General market studies and analyses will not be financed through Danida Business Explorer. It is expected that the company has already identified a specific business opportunity.

The Danish company must have at least DKK 1 million in equity, have at least five full time professional staff, and the project must be part of the company’s core business. Please refer to the Guidelines 2019 for terms and conditions.

Danida Business Explorer is available in countries with a GNI below USD 3.995 per capita (The World Bank limit for Lower Middle Income Countries), and with a Danish representation. Danish companies can also apply for financial support to study the possibility of offering Danish solutions in humanitarian situations, in cooperation with humanitarian organizations. This applies in a number of countries where Denmark is engaged in humanitarian work.


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