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Danida Market Development Partnerships: The 2020 Application Round

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to launch the 2020 application round of the Danida Market Development Partnership programme.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit globally, causing not only a health crisis, but also an economic crisis. The challenging situation in the developing countries asks for partners to respond with socio-economic recovery that focuses on inclusive job creation and green transition. With a focus on creating lasting jobs and income opportunities, DMDP is part of such a response. DMDP projects help create a foundation for vulnerable people to make a decent living.


The overall purpose of a DMDP project is to catalyse local economic activity, market development and unleash business potential leading to employment and income opportunities in the Danish priority countries. DMDP brings commercial- and non-commercial actors together in commercially oriented partnerships to promote sustainable business, development and employment opportunities, contributing primarily to Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 17.


Sustainable growth is a key principle of the DMDP programme. The socio-economic recovery from the COVID-19 asks for an even stronger focus on green solutions to make sure that we are building back better and greener. 


Hence, in addition to the DMDP selection criteria (notably SDG8), the 2020 application round therefore gives preference to 'green' and innovative projects that help address environmental challenges, contribute to improved climate conditions, or has a focus on efficient use of natural resources. Green and sustainable transformation of the economies in the recovery post COVID-19 is a priority for Denmark.


Deadline for applications is 15 September 2020 @ 13.00 CEST (Danish summer time).

To date, 19 projects have received support from DMDP and an additional eight projects are currently under development. DMDP projects works with a number of issues including food security, clean energy, circular economy, digitalisation of and value addition in agriculture. 


For more information on the DMDP programme and how to apply for support, please visit




Please be informed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has engaged Nordic Consulting Group to handle the day-to-day management of the DMDP programme in the next five years. A dedicated website for DMDP has been established, which contain information and updates about the programme. Please visit the website of the DMDP Secretariat by accessing this link.

Please address any questions regarding DMDP to the DMDP Secretariat which can be reached at