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Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic

– Local and Global Perspectives


International High-Level Conference

Friday 1 December 2017


Eigtveds Pakhus




Draft programme

08.00                  Registration and coffee


09.00                  Welcome by H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark

                              Ministerial Session           

  • Mr. Anders Samuelsen, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denmark;
  • Ms. Suka K. Frederiksen, Minister of Independence, Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, Greenland;
  • Mr. Poul Michelsen, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Faroe Islands;

                              Keynote: The UN Sustainable Development Goals in an Arctic Setting:
                             Ms. Lise Kingo, CEO & Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact.

10.15                 Coffee


The SDGs & the Arctic


10.30                  The SDGs from the Greenland perspective:

                             Mr. Aqqaluaq B. Egede, Minister of Finance and Internal Revenue, Greenland.


                             [Title TBD]: Segolene Royal, Ambassador for the Arctic and Antarctic Poles,

                             former Minister of Climate and Environment, France

                             European Union and the Arctic:

                            Mr. Bernhard Friess, Director of Maritime Policy and Blue Economy, European


10.45                  Discussion panel: SDGs in an Arctic Setting
                            The SDGs are universal in nature and highly relevant in the Arctic. The Arctic
consists of different regions with varying economic, climate and social
                            challenges. A common denominator is that people and societies in the region
                            show a high degree of resilience, adaptability and innovation in a challenging
                            natural environment and climate. Given the region’s distinctive character, we
                            ask the question how the SDG framework can help drive future growth in a
                            fragile environment. Do we need to view the SDG’s also through an “Arctic
                            prism”? Which SDG-goals are the best for furthering sustainable economic
                            development in an Arctic setting and how do we work with the goals in

  • Ms. Lise Kingo, CEO & Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact;
  • Mr. Tero Vauraste, Chair of the Arctic Economic Council;
  • Ms. Lotte Frank Kirkegaard, Director, CSR Greenland;
  • Mr. Magni Laksafoss, Director for VITorka.
  • Ms. Hannele Pokka, Permanent Secretary of the Finnish Ministry of the Environment (chairmanship of the Arctic Council)

12.00                Lunch                                                           


Sustainable Economic Development in the Arctic


13.30                A Japanese Perspective on Economic Development in the Arctic: 
                          Mr. Keiji Ide, Japanese Arctic Ambassador.

                           How to do Sustainable Business in the Arctic?
                          Interview with Mr. Sturla Henriksen, CEO of Norway’s Shipowners Association. 

Interactive Discussion: Private Sector as Catalyst for Sustainable Economic

Local and global businesses and partnerships play a vital role in securing 
                          sustainable development in the Arctic. In a unique and challenging 
                          environment, what are the opportunities and the barriers for driving

                          sustainable growth and economic development? How can public-private

                          sector partnerships promote sustainable investments and development

                          in the Arctic?  What are the possibilities for further engaging the private

                          sector? Are the framework conditions for attracting investments in place?


  • Mr. Sturla Henriksen, CEO of Norway’s Shipowners Association;
  • Mr. Alexander Shestakov, Director for Arctic Program, WWF;
  • Mr. Kristian Reinert Davidsen, CEO of Tele-Post;
  • Mr. Ólavur Ellefsen, Chairman of the Board, University of the Faroe Islands, Board member Ocean Rainforest;
  • Mr. Thomas Bustrup, Deputy Director General, Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Mr. Stephen Mooney, Director Cold Climate Innovation, Yukon Research Centre

  15.30                   Q & A- Session

  15.50                   Closing segment with Senior Arctic Officials

~16.00                  Networking drink/reception w. cultural event

Moderator: Mr. Martin Breum, journalist, writer and TV-host.