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The Conference in Copenhagen 2018

Anders Samuelsen, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Pavlo Klimkin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.


The conference in Copenhagen built on the success of the first Ukraine Reform Conference hosted in London last year, during which the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs announced that Denmark would be hosting in 2018.


In London, international partners welcomed the progress Ukraine has made in its reform process and underlined the importance of maintaining momentum. Read the communiqué from the conference here.


Foreign Ministers from EU-, NATO- and G7-countries as well as high-level representatives from international organisations was invited to the conference in Copenhagen, which would provide a platform to bring the international community together with the Ukrainian Government, civil society and private sector representatives who was committed to promoting reforms in Ukraine. The Prime Ministers of Denmark and Ukraine opened the Conference.


Following the conference last year in London, the conference in Copenhagen would provide Ukraine with a new opportunity to showcase recent reform progress, present plans for future reform initiatives and strengthen the dialogue and partnership between Ukraine and the international community. In doing so, the conference would constitute a milestone in the on-going reform process in Ukraine. 



“I have high expectations to the Ukraine Reform Conference in Copenhagen and I look forward to once again host a big and important event in Copenhagen. A more modern and European-oriented Ukraine is emerging these years. Together with our international partners, we have to support this development and at the same time continuously stress the need for further progress in the reform process, especially in the fight against corruption. I have encouraged the Ukrainian Government to take advantage of the Conference as a ‘driver for change’ to speed up the reform processes in the coming months.”

Anders Samuelsen, Minster for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, in Kiev on 21 February 2018.


I welcome Denmark’s leadership in co-hosting the next Ukraine Reform Conference in June. This is an important moment in consolidating international support for reform efforts and in helping Ukraine build its stability and resilience to Russian interference.”

  Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, in Denmark on 9 April 2018.   


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