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The Foreign Minister visits Moscow

On 6-7 February Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen visits Moscow, where he will meet with his Russian colleague, Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov. The Foreign Minister will also chair a meeting of the Danish-Russian Intergovernmental Economic Council with the Russian Minister for Transportation, Maxim Sokolov.

Anders Samuelsen says:
"I look forward to my visit to Moscow. It is no secret that Denmark and Russia have different views on a number of issues. It is clear that Russia's aggression in Ukraine will be among the issues I will raise - just as Russia's self-assertive behavior in relation to the Baltic States and in the Baltic Sea, which we clearly denounce. 
At the same time, we should also talk about the areas where there is room for Danish-Russian cooperation. This applies, for example, in the Arctic, where Denmark, Russia and the other Arctic states wish to maintain and strengthen a peaceful and economic sustainable development of the region. It is also on this background that I will participate in the Danish-Russian Intergovernmental Economic Council. It is about ensuring the best possible conditions for Danish business in Russia to the benefit of Denmark.."

For further information, please contact Personal Adviser, Niels Th. Dahl, 61979159