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The Danish Government proposes Danish support for the French led military intervention in Mali

14.01.2013  21:03
In light of the critical situation in Mali and a French request for Danish support to France’s military intervention in the country, the Danish Government today presented a motion on a Danish contribution in support of the French intervention in the form of a C-130 transport aircraft (Hercules). In this regard, Danish Foreign Minister, Villy Søvndal, states:

“The situation in Mali has been deeply disturbing for some time now. Islamist terrorist organizations with a base in Northern Mali constitute an ever larger security threat, not only regionally, but also for Europe and thereby Denmark. Mali must not become a new safe haven for global terrorism. On the basis of a UN mandate and upon a direct request from the President of Mali, the latest offensive by rebel groupings has now led France to act.

As I have already stated, Denmark supports France’s military operation in Mali - and now the Government proposes that Denmark consolidates this political support with concrete action. We have received a French request for a contribution in support of the French military intervention. It is our wish to fulfill this request. This is an important and necessary contribution to protecting the civilian population, stabilizing the situation and make Mali and other countries in the region capable of solving their own conflicts. But also in order to signal clear support to an important ally and rally around UN decision-making in the field of international peace and security. Against this background, I have today briefed the Foreign Policy Committee on the matter and received broad backing for the government to table a motion tomorrow to assist France with a C-130 transport aircraft.”

The Danish Minister of Defence, Nick Hækkerup, states:

“The Danish Armed Forces dispatches a transport aircraft to Mali in order to assist France with transportation of equipment, soldiers and others. We have as a small country a clear interest in helping the UN maintaining law and order so that it is not the right of the strongest or the most brutal that applies. Furthermore, we have a clear interest in the international society helping the government in Mali dealing with the rebel groupings that are trying to take over the country with support from Islamist terrorist networks.”