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Another green Apple in the Danish orchard

10.07.2017  09:49

Apple significantly increases its data centre investments in Denmark by announcing the plans for a new data centre in Aabenraa – in the Southwestern part of Denmark not far from the data centre being built in Viborg. Like all Apple data centres – including the one in Viborg - the Aabenraa facility will be supplied with 100% renewable energy from day one. Apple further announces their commitment to develop additional renewable resources that do not require public subsidies and will thereby contribute to Denmark achieving its renewable energy goals.

The investment success is based on several years of seamless corporation between local and national authorities; the Municipality of Aabenraa, Investment Promotion Association of Western Denmark (FVI) and Invest in Denmark (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

With the latest data centre investments from Apple and Facebook and Google’s purchase of a land plot, Denmark is undeniably in the spotlight of the world’s biggest tech players, and in particular the three top ranking green tech profiles according to the Greenpeace "Clicking Clean" 2017 report.
Denmark is becoming Northern Europe’s hub for data centres with a high prospective for growth for the tracking industries delivering solutions to the many data centres sprouting up all over the world.

Press contact:
Anne Møller Ege, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Phone +45 41532526