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Denmark strengthens military support to Afghanistan

12.05.2016  12:59
On 10 May, a large majority of Danish Parliament supported the government’s proposal to strengthen Denmark’s military contribution to NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.

Together with a strengthened military contingent, Denmark will maintain its financial support to the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces at the current level of USD 15 million annually throughout 2020, which is part of the broader Danish financial support to Afghanistan.

”We have decided to continue our financial support to the Afghan Security Forces at the current level throughout 2020 and to increase our contribution to NATO’s training mission in Afghanistan. It is necessary that we stand together with the international society and continue to support Afghanistan, so that the country can get back on its feet and fight the terrorists. It is a difficult and fragile situation, but we must help the Afghans in their stabilisation efforts, so that they can see a future in their own country. This is also in Denmark’s best interests,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen.

The Minister of Defence Peter Christensen states:
”The efforts of our Danish soldiers in Afghanistan have helped to make a difference in the country. We are now building upon this by strengthening our military contribution. The security situation in Afghanistan remains under pressure, and it is therefore crucial that the international society continues to offer its support. Denmark stands together with our allies – ready to take responsibility, show flexibility and adapt our efforts in the light of NATO priorities and developments on the ground. We do this to maintain and continue the progress that has already been made in Afghanistan.”

The current Danish troop contingent in Afghanistan comprises around 80 people. The increased Danish troop numbers of approx. 16 people will, just like the current support, be focused on advice, support to and training of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces and will continue to be centred around the capital Kabul.

For further information, contact:
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark: Lars Peter Levy, tel. +45 41904124.
The Danish Ministry of Defence: the press secretary on duty at +45 23236500.