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Denmark condemns the use of cluster munitions in Syria

18.10.2012  13:52
Cluster Munitions are now being used in the conflict in Syria according to reports from Human Rights Watch. In its report Human Rights Watch has published video footage with unexploded ammunitions. Unexploded submunition does not discriminate between military targets and civilians, and can continue to kill and maim decades after it has been dropped.

That happens, for instance, when children mistake unexploded ammunition for toys and pick them up. 
Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Villy Søvndal:

“Recent reports about the Syrian authorities’ use of cluster munitions are extremely worrying. The Syrian government must protect the civilian population and immediately and fully refrain from using such inhumane and indiscriminate weapons. That is why I raised this issue at Monday’s EU Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg. Denmark condemns all use of cluster munitions and calls on all states not parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions to join the CCM without delay. There are no other solutions to the humanitarian consequences of cluster munitions than a total and universal ban”.

The Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) which entered into force in 2010 prohibits all use of this type of ammunition. More than 100 states have adopted the Convention. Syria is not one of them but nevertheless has an obligation to project its own population. As a way of promoting universalization of the CCM and its total ban on cluster munitions the Danish government has recently decided to advance the destruction of the Danish stockpile. The destruction is now expected to be completed next year - five years ahead of Denmark’s deadline. In close partnership with humanitarian organizations and the United Nations, Denmark will continue to contribute to Mine Action including mine clearance, victim assistance as well as advocacy and promoting universalization of the conventions.

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