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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Finance in the Arctic

12.12.2018  10:03
Today, a new report on business financing in the Arctic region has been released. The report contains a number of specific recommendations on how to improve innovation, entrepreneurship and business financing in the Arctic.

Anders Samuelsen, Denmark’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, says:
“Prospects for business development in the Arctic are evolving and international interest is growing, but there still is a need to advance framework conditions for business in the Arctic region. Cracking the code to an efficient, well-coordinated business financing system for businesses and entrepreneurs will help Arctic businesses untap new potential and promote a closer integration of the Arctic business community with the world market”

The new report was commissioned by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been prepared by an external consultant. The report aims at inspiring the work of the Arctic Economic Council, the Arctic Council and Arctic States seeking to promote sustainable economic development for the people living in the Arctic.
The report provides a mapping of existing national and international financing facilities in the region. It also presents a number of specific recommendations on business financing, with the aim of facilitating investments and improve framework conditions for start-ups and micro, small and medium sized businesses in the Arctic.

The report is one result of a string of initiatives launched by the Danish Government concerning the Arctic with the aim to promote sustainable development in line with the Kingdom of Denmark’s Arctic strategy 2011-2020. The report is part of an initiative launched in the Danish Government´s Foreign and Security Policy Strategy 2017-2018, and also follows up on the goals on economic development and young entrepreneurs in the newly launched Foreign and Security Policy Strategy 2019-2020.

Summary of the report can be found here.

Read the full report here.

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