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Invitation to The Next 4 Billion seminar in Aarhus or Copenhagen June 9th and 10th

17.05.2016  13:59

The seminar is designed and organised by Innovation Centre Denmark to give your insights and takeaways on three mega markets for new consumer segments - the next 4 billion - Brazil, China and India. The international speakers are Carolina Nacle from Data Popular (Brazil), Mark Tanner from China Skinny (China) and Dheeraj Sinha Leo Burnett Group (India).

Inspiration and insights on the rising new middle class in three mega markets
How can innovative business models and product adaptation help your company develop the right strategy and mindset to be successful on these markets? To answer that question we have invited keynote speakers from each market to inspire Danish small, medium and large sized businesses with insights on the rise of these new middle class segments with new consumer habits:

  • Who are the people behind the numbers?
  • What are the buying behaviours and key drivers behind purchase decisions?
  • How to successfully reach these segments through innovative business models and product adaptations?

See full programme and registre at links below for Århus venue June 9th or Copenhagen venue June 10th

Please note that we present the same programme respectively in

Århus (June 9th) - registre here please 

Copenhagen (June 10th) - registre here please

This is to make our international keynote speakers available for as many as possible. 

Contact us

For inquiries regarding registration please contact:
Brit Kim Bech, head of communication, Innovation Centre Denmark at [email protected]  

Also, feel free to contact either one of the three executive directors, representing each of the emerging markets at Innovation Centre Denmark Sao Pãulo, Shanghai and New Delhi:
Eva Bisgaard Pedersen, executive director, Innovation Centre Denmark, Sao Pãulo at [email protected]
Morten Brandtoft, executive director, Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai at [email protected]  
Molshree Pandey, executive director, Innovation Centre Denmark, New Delhi at [email protected]