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The United Kingdom votes to leave the EU

24.06.2016  14:04

Yesterday, 51.9% of UK voters voted against the UK remaining a member of the EU.

Speaking about the result, Denmark’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen says:

“The British people have made a decision. I of course respect this decision. However, I will not hide the fact that I regret the result. It is a sad day for the EU, for Denmark and, not least, for the binding international cooperation, in which we together find solutions to issues best solved by cross-border efforts.

The British decision does not change the fact that Denmark is and will remain a member of the EU. This is clearly in our interest – Denmark’s interests and values are best protected through a strong European cooperation – even if UK is no longer part of the cooperation. Now we await an announcement from the United Kingdom on how it envisages the process going forward.

As I have said repeatedly, the referendum shows that the EU is in need of reform and increased focus on delivering tangible results to citizens. I believe that the EU should focus on growth and job creation, cooperation in controlling migration and security in the form of close police cooperation and combating terrorism.”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to account for the result of the referendum at the European Council on 28-29 June.