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Samuelsen: Denmark supports the American-led reaction from our allies to the chemical attack in Syria

14.04.2018  07:56

As a response towards the Syrian regimes’ use of chemical weapons in Douma on April 7, USA, France and the UK launched an attack on installations in Syria in the early morning of April 14. Ahead of this, on April 10, Russia used its veto in the UN Security Council to prevent the adoption of an American draft resolution, which would have established and independent UN-mechanism to investigate the chemical attack in Douma. Denmark co-sponsored the American draft resolution. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs says:

“The tragic pictures we have seen from the chemical attack on Douma last Saturday underline the Assad regime’s deep contempt for human life. Such acts must have consequences. It is unacceptable that Russia, on Tuesday again prevented the Security Council from fulfilling its responsibility in Syria. Therefore, Denmark unconditionally supports the response toward the Syrian atrocities from our allies. We must send a clear signal that the international society does not stand idly by when a brutal regime uses chemical weapons against its own population”.

For further information:
Press Advisor Kasper Thams Olsen, 61 97 90 31