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3GF 2014 in Copenhagen – a Workshop for Powerful Do’ers

More than 500 leaders and decision-makers from businesses, finance, governments, cities, international organisations and civil society joined forces at this year’s 3GF Summit to launch new partnerships, exchange innovative solutions and share best practices with the aim to achieve green growth impact.

In the words of the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, the 3GF has become a “workshop for powerful do’ers”. This year’s summit testified to this with the launch or leverage of 11 partnerships across sectors and regions. They were all part of this year’s theme of “Changing Production and Consumption Patterns through Transformative Action”.

For instance, four companies – Saint Gobain, Alstom, Samsung C&T and CECEP - joined the partnership on Energy Efficiency in Buildings when they signed the Buildings Efficiency Accelerator during 3GF. Another partnership on Sustainable Waste Management was launched to develop roadmaps, identify best practices and implement demonstration projects to overcome this critical challenge.

The Danish Prime Minister welcomed Ethiopia – and Prime Minister Hailemariam – as a new partner country to 3GF. The group of partner countries now consists of China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Kenya, Korea, Mexico and Qatar.


Several high-level discussions took up the momentum of the recent UN Climate Summit in New York to provide concrete recommendations for action ahead of the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Climate negotiations, culminating next year. Main themes included:

• Transforming cities into drivers of green growth
• Changing future consumption patterns of the growing global middle class
• Enabling producers to adopt sustainable business strategies
• Greening future economic growth paths and ensuring a new climate economy

To learn more about the outcomes of the Summit, please access the 3GF2014 Summary of Proceedings. Soon a full 3GF2014 Report will be available at our website:

Below you will find links to pictures and videos from this year’s 3GF:

The Summit also featured a local MY World Survey where more than 300 participants at 3GF cast their votes on priorities for the Sustainable Development Goals. Check out the results, videos and pictures from the 3GF MY World vote to learn more.