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Danish White Paper: Towards a better social contract with big tech

15.10.2021  13:25
Nine principles for a more responsible and fair society with big tech

New technologies have always been changing the world and brought amazing advantages and opportunities. The internet, automation and the digital revolution we are in the midst of are no exceptions.

During the pandemic, we have seen the benefits of the high degree of digitalisation in Denmark. Our strong digital infrastructure and skills have contributed to Denmark managing the crisis well. But with progress comes new challenges. Big tech companies have become world-dominant based on a new economy – the platform economy, which is built on data-driven, algorithmic business models. An economy in which corporate business models increasingly dictate our time and manage our data, without regulations keeping pace.

This poses challenges to our democracy and national interests. Challenges within the areas of health, law, media, democratic debate and participation, the labour market, taxation and competition and consumer protection that need to be addressed.

The Danish government does not have the answer to all the issues and challenges flowing from big tech nationally, regionally or globally. But there is no doubt about where we want to go when it comes to a more balanced role of big tech in our everyday live and society. That is why we have launched a white paper – Towards a Better Social Contract with Big Tech. It sets out nine principles for an inclusive, democratic and fair technology-enabled society, and the role we wish for big tech within it.

Read the Danish White Paper here.