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Kristian Jensen in New York: DKK 80 million to neglected humanitarian catastrophe

21.09.2016  17:11
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Kristian Jensen, grants DKK 80 million in humanitarian aid to Sudan and South Sudan. At the same time, he puts neglected and ongoing humanitarian crises on the agenda on the UN General Assembly in New York.
"The world's attention is with good reason directed at the crisis in Syria. Yet, other terrible and protracted humanitarian crises,such as South Sudan, are also unfolding, which we must not forget," says Kristian Jensen and elaborates further:
"The Danish government will work actively to ensure a strengthened partnership with the private sector in order to come up with new, innovative solutions to combat hunger and food shortages in humanitarian crises. We should focus on making refugees self-sufficient - that is, providing them with access to food and education, and thus provide an opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their children. "

The humanitarian situation in South Sudan and Sudan is now one of the most serious in the world. The people are sufferingfrom armed conflicts, food shortages, and millions have been displaced from their homes - either to other parts of the country or to neighboring countries such as Chad, Uganda and Ethiopia. Therefore, Denmark increases the humanitarian effort in the area now:
"The people of Sudan and South Sudan are very urgently inneed of help. The 80 million is specifically targeted at vulnerable groups such as children, women, internally displaced persons, and refugees in neighboring countries. The money will cover the immediate needs for in particular food, but we will also work on making people more self-sufficient through education, jobs, and the development of agriculture, fisheries,and local markets. Thus, we contribute to improving their immediate situation, while giving them the ability to take care of themselves in the long term, "says Kristian Jensen.
The 80 million granted to the crisis in South Sudan and Sudan will be divided into the following:
ADRA (DKK 5.5 million), Caritas (DKK4.9 million), Danish Refugee Council (DKK32.1 million) Danish Red Cross (DKK16 million), DanChurchAid (DKK21, 5 million).