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New Afghanistan Strategy 2015-17 focuses on development

23.10.2014  15:09
Today, the Danish Government publishes a strategy for the combined Danish efforts in Afghanistan for the years 2015-17. The strategy includes the integrated Danish political, military and civilian efforts in the country.


Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard says:

"I'm glad to see the broad political support for the ongoing Danish engagement in Afghanistan. With this strategy, Denmark will continue to be a significant contributor to providing security and development in Afghanistan. That is what Afghanistan needs. And it is in our own interest. The new strategy is a natural contribution in Afghanistan's transition. Afghanistan now has the full responsibility for the country’s security and social development, but they will need support in the coming years."

In the same regard, Defence Minister Nicolai Wammen says:

"I am very pleased that we in the group of political parties behind the Afghanistan effort have reached agreement on a strategy that will ensure that we, as a solidary member of NATO, build on the results already achieved by the Danish and allied soldiers. The result is a military contribution of approximately 160 people at the beginning of 2015 – including counsellors and other functions in the Kabul area and a transport helicopter in northern Afghanistan. Thereby Denmark places itself with a solid contribution in the ongoing effort."

Minister for Trade and Development Mogens Jensen says:

"The main focus of Denmark's development efforts will be to give Afghanistan the necessary support and guidance to be able to handle the task of ensuring a continued positive economic, social and political development. We consolidate the existing Danish efforts in key areas, which include education, good governance, and economic growth and job creation. The goal over time is of course to make Afghanistan less dependent on international assistance."

The strategy marks a new phase in the relations between Afghanistan and the international community. From 2015, the full responsibility for the security and political, economic and social advancement lies with the Afghans, even though the international community will continue to assist Afghanistan substantially. This involves a more equal cooperation between the international community and Afghanistan based on mutual obligations.

The strategy has been prepared in cooperation with the group of parties in Parliament who are behind Denmark's efforts in Afghanistan. The strategy has been presented today to the Foreign Policy Committee and subsequently at a press conference by the Foreign Minister, the Defence Minister and the Minister for Trade and Development.

For more information contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Lars Peter Levy, [email protected], tel. 4190 4124) or the Ministry of Defence (tel. 2323 6500).