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Danish innovation centres abroad receive top marks

28.09.2015  16:58
The Danish innovation centres create great value and boost the internationalisation of Danish higher educational institutions and businesses.

Both Danish higher educational institutions and companies benefit greatly from the Danish innovation centres in the US, Brazil, Germany, India, Korea and China. This is the conclusion of the first aggregated evaluation of the centres.

The evaluation suggests that the innovation centres are supportive especially in creating collaborations between Danish and local researchers, higher educational institutions and companies.

The Minister for Higher Education and Science, Esben Lunde Larsen, is pleased with the fact that the innovation centres help Danish higher educational and research institutions gain access to international collaborators: 

- “If we are to succeed in the international competition, Denmark needs to focus far more on being at the cutting edge of the internationalisation of our higher educations and research. This demands that we are present in the locations, where growth and opportunities are.  The innovation centres play an important role in facilitating the collaboration between Danish and international knowledge and innovation environments, and this is why, I will work to strengthen the centres even further,” says Esben Lunde Larsen.

According to The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen, the innovation centres also create great possibilities for Danish companies abroad:

- “The positive evaluation highlights the fact that Danish innovation centres display business opportunities to Danish companies internationally and help them in gaining access to international research, innovation and networks. Companies can for example receive support in transferring research and innovation into tangible business concepts, which ultimately benefit Denmark,” says Kristian Jensen

Innovation Centre Denmark
The first Danish innovation centre was established in Silicon Valley in the US in 2006. Since then, the number has grown and subsequently, centres have been established in Shanghai in China, Munich in Germany, Seoul in South Korea, New Delhi in India and São Paulo in Brazil, which are all located in key international innovation and growth environments.

The task of the innovation centres is, among other things, to strengthen the internationalisation of Danish institutions of higher education and research and knowledge-intensive firms. By bridging to local institutions and markets, the innovation centres prepare the ground for cross-frontier collaboration benefitting Danish higher education, research and Danish companies.

Innovation Centre Denmark is operated jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Read the evaluation and the Danish summary.


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