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Ready for a new era for development financing shaped by technology?

05.04.2019  14:50
Join the one-day conference on innovating new tech solutions for finance and regulation in Africa on the 30th of April.

New Technology makes it possible to break with ‘business as usual’ also when it comes to raising funds for the Sustainable Development Goals. African economies are already undergoing a digital revolution, including in the areas of Finance technology (Fintech) and Regulatory technology (Regtech). Both technological trends offer opportunities and risks for African countries, and in some respects, African countries are already ahead of other regions. I Denmark, the superdynamic Fintech community is beginning to take an interest in digital development finance and solutions for Africa. Other European countries are also working with African and international partners to make development finance more efficient and impactful.

Hear views and insights from the Danish minister for Development Cooperation Mrs. Ulla Tørnæs, Governor of the Bank of Kenya and member of the United Nations Secretary General’s High-Level Task Force for Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals, Mr. Patrick Njoroge, businesses and development organisations working on digital development finance.

This one-day conference is hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Copenhagen FinTech Lab and the Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance (SDFA) as part of #TechVelopment Spring 2019. The conference is designed as a meeting of minds, highlighting cases and studies from Africa, Denmark and international organizations. Strategic insights from the discussions will be captured as a contribution to the work of the United Nations on Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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