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Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Development Cooperation on Kenyan Elections

14.08.2017  19:16

“We welcome the peaceful and credible conduct of the election day in Kenya, which saw Kenyans turn out in large numbers to cast their votes, and we congratulate President Elect Uhuru Kenyatta on obtaining a second term in office.

We note the expressed intention of the President Elect to cooperate with all Kenyans, including the opposition, and encourage the incoming Kenyan government to pursue this inclusive approach at all levels of government.

We note that concerns have been raised by the opposition regarding the tallying and announcement of the election results. Although firm documentation has not been produced to back these concerns, we encourage the Electoral Commission, the IEBC, to continue to publish all the relevant forms from the elections and to dialogue with the opposition. All actors should work together to ensure that the will of the voters is respected.

Any further complaints regarding the conduct of the elections should be addressed through constitutional means. Any public protests should be conducted peacefully and with respect for other citizens and their property.

We urge the Kenyan security services to protect the human rights of all citizens, to ensure a peaceful environment around lawful public demonstrations, and to avoid excessive use of force.

We look forward to continuing our close cooperation with Kenya in pursuit of our common goals of democratization and sustainable development for all.”