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Foreign Minister Kofod spoke with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister: Ukraine is not alone against Russia’s military aggressions

09.04.2021  15:08
Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod spoke today with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba to stress Denmark’s support to Ukraine in light of the worsening security situation in Donbas, on the Crimean Peninsula, and along the border with Russia.
“The significant Russian military activity and movement of troops pushes European insecurity towards a distressing level. It is of serious concern. The same goes for the escalation in violence along the contact line, which has recently led to highly regrettable loses of lives of Ukrainian soldiers. Russia’s current military build-up and hardened rhetoric only raises tensions in the now seven year-long conflict. Russia must now take responsibility to de-escalate the conflict. In the conversation with my Ukrainian colleague, I underlined Denmark’s unwavering support to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Ukraine must know that they are not alone. We follow the situation closely and are in close contact with allies and partners in NATO and the EU to show support to Ukraine and contribute to a de-escalation of the situation,” says Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod.

The Ministers also discussed the close bilateral relations as well as Ukraine’s continued work on reforms, where Denmark plays an important role in the fight against corruption. The reforms have strengthen Ukraine since 2014, when the conflict in Donbas was at its peak and Russia illegally annexed Crimea. However, the fight against corruption and reforms of the judiciary and security services are still unfinished. For this reason, Denmark has suggested a strengthened focus within the EU in support of Ukraine’s reform ambitions, including at the upcoming Foreign Affairs Council on 19 April, where Dmytro Kuleba will also participate. 

“Ukraine is in a very different place now compared with 2014. The continued reforms strengthen Ukraine’s stability, democracy and European approximation. I look forward to discussing with my colleagues in the EU how we can further support the population of Ukraine in their European aspirations and desire for peace,” states Jeppe Kofod.