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Denmark strengthens the collaboration with The World Bank in order to promote digital gains for developing countries

23.04.2018  12:22
Digital technology is a decisive medium in order to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For this reason, the collaboration between Denmark and The World Bank within digitization and development is being enhanced.

Minister for Development Ulla Tørnæs and Vice President in the World Bank Laura Tuck have just signed an agreement on Denmark’s entry in the “Digital Development Partnership”, which helps developing countries reap the benefits of digitization.

Minister for Development Ulla Tørnæs says: “By strengthening the partnership with The World Bank on the digital agenda, we get a really strong partner in the effort of creating development through data and digital technology. The technological improvements give developing countries new opportunities to solve their challenges within sectors such as energy, education and health. We want to take part in ensuring that new digital solutions can be brought into play in the developing countries. Simultaneously, it is crucial that the digitization becomes inclusive, not leaving certain sections of the population behind”.

With the agreement, Denmark contributes 15 mio. DKK to The World Bank’s “Digital Development Partnership”. Through the partnership, the World Bank cooperates with ministries in developing countries in order to formulate digital strategies and make digital solutions accessible within areas such as digital economy, internet access for all, eGovernment and cyber security. Current contributors are other donors (Finland, Japan and Korea), and private companies (Microsoft and GSMA).

The agreement on Denmark’s contribution to the “Digital Development Partnership” was signed during The World Bank’s Spring Meetings in Washington. The collaboration with The World Bank on the digital agenda is a part of the Danish Techvelopment-effort, which is a part of the government’s overall TechPlomacy-initiative.