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Press-release: Meeting of Nordic and Baltic Governors of the World Bank with US nominee – Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs David Malpass -  for the selection of the next president of the World Bank

05.03.2019  10:47

On 4th of March governors and alternate governors of the Nordic and Baltic countries will meet the US nominee for selection of the next president of the World Bank. The nomination process runs until 14th of March. So far, the US is the only country to have made public its nomination. The meeting is part of a string of meetings that Malpass has with European governors.

The purpose of the meeting is to communicate the Nordic and Baltic countries’ priorities for the World Bank and explore the views of David Malpass on these topics. The Nordic-Baltic countries are strong supporters of the World Bank and its mission to foster inclusive growth in developing countries and of its role as a central player on the climate agenda. We wish to see the commitments made as part of the recently agreed capital increase for the World Bank carried forward, including on gender, climate and a stronger engagement of the Bank in fragile and conflict affected countries. Human development is increasingly seen as key to progress and the Nordic and Baltic countries – drawing on their own experiences – encourage the Bank to maintain a strong focus on this important issue. We are also keen to see the Bank continue and intensify its role as a global problem solver and centrepiece of a strong multilateral system.

Ulla Tørnæs - the Danish Minister for Development and World Bank Governor – says:

“The World Bank is an important engine of development and multilateralism. Thus, the leadership of the Bank is of enormous importance for its effectiveness. I am pleased that we get this opportunity to question the US nominee about his views and attitudes to our priorities as well as abou the role of the World Bank in international cooperation.”