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Foreign Minister launches new Neighbourhood Programme worth DKK 860 million during visit to Ukraine and Georgia: “Denmark firm in its support to Ukraine and Georgia against Russian aggression”

20.02.2018  10:55
The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen, will visit Ukraine and Georgia on 20-23 February.

The Minister’s visit signals support to the reform processes in the two European-oriented countries under pressure from Russia.

“My visit to Ukraine and Georgia is first and foremost about confirming Denmark’s solid support to the two countries that are under pressure from Russia, and where the battle of values and interests between East and West is key,” Samuelsen says while underlining the need for democratic and liberal reforms to withstand the Russian pressure.

“The two countries have both chosen a path towards Europe and European values, but Russia tries through military aggression and other measures to obstruct such a development and deny the countries their right to choose their own direction and orientations,“ Samuelsen says. “There is no doubt that reforms will be their best answer to Russia’s aggression. It will strengthen their resilience and their approximation to Europe,” he adds.

During the visits, Anders Samuelsen will launch the new Danish Neighbourhood Programme for Ukraine and Georgia. The Programme will promote reform processes in the two countries. Over the next five years, Denmark will assist the two countries with DKK 860 million. 

“Obviously both countries are facing big challenges, and especially the fight against corruption is critical in Ukraine. Hence the greater need for our support. My visit to Kyiv will mark the beginning of a process leading up to the high-level international Ukraine Reform Conference in Copenhagen on 27 June 2018, which I will be hosting together with my Ukrainian colleague. I urge the Ukrainian government to use the Conference to speed up the reform processes in the coming months,“ Samuelsen says.

For further information: Personal Advisor Niels Th. Dahl, 61979159