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Broad political support for deployment of Danish soldiers to Estonia in 2018

23.05.2017  15:11

Today, a broad majority in the Danish parliament supported the Government's proposal to deploy about 200 Danish soldiers to NATO's enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic States and Poland in 2018. The soldiers will be stationed for 12 months as part of the British Battalion in Estonia.
”I am pleased that we once again support the security of the Baltic States and our region in general. The Danish contribution to NATO’s enhanced forward presence sends a clear signal to the international community that Denmark is honouring our international obligations in NATO. It also sends a clear signal of solidarity with our Allies in NATO, and that Denmark will actively contribute to the safety and security of the Alliance,” says the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen.
The Danish contribution, which will be deployed to Estonia, will be part of a comprehensive NATO strategy adopted at the NATO summit in July last year. In light of the changed security situation in Europe caused by Russia’s illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, the Allies in NATO have decided to strengthen the deterrence and defence profile of the Alliance.
“I am delighted by the broad support in the parliament today”, says the Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen and is supported by the Minister of Defence, Claus Hjort Frederiksen:  “The broad support in the Parliament underlines the gratitude to the Danish soldiers deployed to Estonia on an important mission for NATO, for the Baltic States, and for Denmark. We can all be proud of this.”
The British-led battalion arrived in Estonia in April this year.
“It was overwhelming for me to be part of the opening ceremony of the battlegroup in Estonia. It is clear to me that the Baltic countries and Poland are now starting to have faith in a safe and secure future”, says the Minister for Defense. 
”With 200 soldiers deployed to the enhanced Forward Presence, four F-16 fighters conducting Baltic Air Policing, and our contribution to NATO’s assurance measures, Denmark makes a significant contribution to our Allies’ security in the Baltic States and Poland in 2018. This shows that the Danish defence has great value to Denmark”, says Claus Hjort Frederiksen.
NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence consists of a multinational battalion in each of the Baltic States and Poland, and is led by a framework nation. In Estonia, United Kingdom is the framework nation for a multinational battalion of around 1000 soldiers. Until the turn of the year, France contributes with up to 300 soldiers and will then be replaced by the Danish contribution. Since April 2017, Denmark has deployed three staff officers to Estonian and British headquarters in Estonia.