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Anders Samuelsen gives African youth a voice

15.05.2017  12:39

Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen will Monday be hosting a meeting with eight representatives from youth-organisations across Africa and Europe. The meeting will give youth a voice in the process leading up to the EU-Africa Summit, ensuring that the summit will not only be a meeting about the youth, but also a meeting with the youth.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen:

”I have taken the initiative to host this meeting because youth can play a decisive, positive role in the development of the African and European continents – by contributing to job creation in start-ups and as important agents for democratic change in their societies.

The meeting with youth will focus on opportunities to strengthen the economic and political role of African and European youth in a globalised world through, e.g., improved conditions for start-ups, increased involvement of youth in political decision-making and in the opportunities created by new technology, digitalisation and free trade.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen:

”I am convinced that globalisation can make a positive difference – also for African youth. Digitalisation and new technologies open up our society and contribute to creating new opportunities for younger generations. Development for, with and by youth is central to creating positive development and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The EU-Africa Summit, taking place in the Ivory Coast in November of this year, marks a strengthening and renewal of the strategic partnership between the EU and Africa. A central theme at the summit will be opportunities to strengthen the African youth’s economic and political role on the continent. The summit will also focus on a number of current challenges in relation to peace and security, good governance, irregular migration, growth and employment, climate change, agriculture and education.

The youth is an important political priority for Denmark. The world currently has the largest youth generation in history, estimated at 1.8 billion people. More than three out of four young people live in developing countries. Accordingly, the EU-Africa Summit and its focus on youth is an important priority for Denmark. Denmark expects to play an active role towards the summit through conferences, policy input etc.

Monday’s meeting will take place in extension of the discussion between Foreign Ministers on preparations for the EU-Africa Summit at the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels today.