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Denmark's development assistance to Uganda to be restructured

25.02.2014  07:27
Denmark’s Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mr Mogens Jensen has made the following statement:


”I strongly oppose the Act and the message that the Ugandan Government sends – not only to minority groups but to the entire world. As a consequence, I have decided to restructure close to DKK 50 million of the Danish development assistance to Uganda, which was otherwise planned for as support to the Ugandan Government. These funds will instead be directed to civil society and activities within the private sector. Furthermore, it is my point of departure to redirect future development assistance to Uganda away from the Ugandan Government and towards the private sector, civil society and international organisations. The exact model for future cooperation will be decided based on close cooperation with other development partners to send the strongest signal possible.  

I stand committed to continue to support  to the Ugandan civil society – not least to the organisations that seek to promote democracy and human rights. In addition, I have decided to continue our existing engagement within water and rural roads even though it goes through the Government. The fact that the Ugandan Government is passing a draconic law against homosexuals shall not change Denmark’s commitment to assist poor Ugandans, to whom we all are committed to assist and who are in need of clean drinking water. The same goes for poor Ugandans in need of rural roads to get access to schools and health centres as is the case in Northern Uganda after decades of insurgency”.