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Certificates of birth, baptism, person and name

If you need to have a certificate of birth, baptism, person or name legalised, you must complete one of the mentioned options below:

1. Order the certificate with a digital signature through

2. Choose to pick up a physical certificate, which must be signed with an original, physical signature by the church office in your parish of residence.

Please note that if you choose to receive or collect a physical certificate, it is important that the certificate is signed with an original physical signature from the relevant authority. A scan or copy of the signature cannot be accepted.


How do I get the Apostille/legalisation?

Once you have obtained a certificate, you must purchase an Apostille/legalisation through our webshop. An Apostille/legalisation costs DKK 200.

Here you can find the webshop guide.

Please note:
Before making the purchase, you must decide whether you want to receive the Apostille as an E-Apostille or as a physical Apostille. An E-apostille can only be ordered, if you have uploaded a digitally signed document in the webshop. Please note that an E-Apostille is not stamped and signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a physical signature. Therefore, you should check if the country in which you are going to use the document accepts E-Apostilles.

Once you have made your purchase, you must proceed with one of the following:


  • Personally attend the Legalisation Office during the opening hours and hand in/pick up the original document. The document will be legalised, while you wait.
  • Send the original document by mail. Please remember to enclose the receipt from the webshop also including the additional fee to cover the postage. The processing time for documents received by mail is up to 5 business days, counting from the day we receive the document.
  • Receive the Apostille as an E-Apostille (only possible if you have uploaded a digitally signed document) directly in your browser. The Apostille is only available in the browser right after the purchase. If the browser is closed, the Apostille cannot be retrieved.