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Educational documents and diplomas

Not all diplomas are issued with a physical wet signature. If your diploma has been issued with a scan or copy of a signature, it cannot be legalized. In such cases, please refer to the educational institution that has issued the diploma and request them to make a true copy. The true copy must then be signed with a physical wet signature. The signatory's name and position must be clearly stated in the document.



If we do not have the person who signed the document in our system, we must contact the school or university administration to have the signature confirmed. To speed up the process, you request your school or university administration to send an email with a scanned signature to our secure email [email protected], in which the administrator confirms his/her signature.


Once you have made your purchase, you must proceed with one of the following:


  • Personally attend the Legalisation Office during the opening hours and hand in/pick up the original document. The document will be legalised while you wait.
  • Send the original document by mail. Please remember to enclose the receipt from the webshop also including the additional fee to cover the postage. The processing time for documents received by mail is up to 5 business days, counting from the day we receive the document.

Please note: We cannot legalize notarized copies of Danish educational documents. We only legalize educational documents and diplomas of acknowledged and accredited Danish schools, universities and other degree programmes. Documents issued in other countries must be legalized in that country by the competent authority, typically the country's foreign ministry.