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Access data from programmes and projects

Danida is committed to transparent development cooperation. Although Danida is one of the most transparent donors, we are continuously striving to improve the public's access to data from programmes and projects.

Programme and project database

Programme and Project orientation is an annual extraction from the Danida Program and Project Database. In 2013, the website replaced this annual extraction.

On you will find information about Denmark's development cooperation across countries, sectors and organizations. is constantly updated with the most recent data presenting the latest disbursement figures. Its aim is to ensure transparency and provide the public with an enhanced understanding of Danish development cooperation

The launch of marks an important step in Danida's efforts to improve the transparency of Denmark's development cooperation.

Denmark's Common Standard Implementation Schedule

Denmark is committed to full implementation of the common standard for reporting development cooperation by 2015. Follow the link to view Denmark's official implementation schedule (excel).

Read about the IATI standard

This is an external link to The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)