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About Danida Feedback

Objectives and Context

The main objective of Danida Feedback is to enable the public in Danida priority countries to provide feedback or complaints concerning Danish development cooperation.

Danida Feedback is one of several initiatives to increase transparency and openness in Denmark’s development cooperation. Other initiatives include Danida’s anti-corruption hotline, and public consultations and access to documents as part of Danida’s granting process.

Target Group

The primary target group is the public in Danida’s priority countries. A secondary target group is others with an interest in Danish development cooperation in a Danida priority country.

What kind of feedback?

Danida Feedback is intended to facilitate dialogue between Danida and the beneficiaries of Danish development cooperation concerning activities and decisions in which Danida is involved. Danida welcome all feedback or complaints, whether it concerns information that is considered valuable for Danida in its work with local partners, draws attention to adverse consequences of Denmark’s development cooperation or concerns complaints by people directly affected by Denmark’s development cooperation. Anonymous feedback is not processed.

How does Danida process feedback?

Feedback and complaints are handled by the Danish mission responsible for Danish development cooperation in the relevant priority country. The Mission will process the enquiry and ensure that a reply is issued within three weeks from the date that the feedback was submitted. Should the reply necessitate further examination and assessment that require more time, the mission will issue a temporary reply with information about the expected timed needed to prepare the reply.

Danida’s actions in response to feedback and complaints will depend on the concrete content of the feedback. If the feedback concerns issues, which first and foremost fall under the responsibility of Danida’s local partners, Danida will recommend directing feedback to the partner in question. If deemed appropriate, Danida will utilise received feedback in the regular dialogue with its partners. In situations where Danida is directly responsible, the mission will consider appropriate action in response to the received feedback including to what extent the received feedback should influence future practice. The embassy is governed by the Danish Administration Act in regard to issues such as sensitive feedback, impartiality and public access.

Feedback for which a dedicated mechanism is in place under Danish legislation will be directed to the relevant mechanism, e.g. public tenders or terms of employment at Danish missions. Reports regarding knowledge of corruption within Danida projects, among Danida staff or Danida partners should be submitted through Danida’s anti-corruption hotline.

Danida Feedback does not substitute or influence access to complaint mechanisms as entailed by Danish legislation. Danida Feedback does not increase nor decrease any responsibility of Danida as defined by Danish legislation or local agreements.