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2012.05 Evaluation of Danida's Fellowship Programme

Over the years, considerable resources have been allocated to the Danida Fellowship Programme and Danida’s Evaluation Department decided therefore to commission an evaluation of the support.

Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) manages and implements the Danida supported Fellowship Programme, which supports Capacity Development (CD) in developing countries (primarily, but not solely, Danida’s partner countries) by organizing and/or implementing courses, studies, research, study tours, seminars, etc. in Denmark as well as in developing countries – nationally as well as regionally.

The overall purpose of the evaluation was to document and assess the supported activities and the related results, with an aim to contribute to both accountability and learning. To this end, it assessed the different achievements of the programme, as well as the framework and processes for accomplishing the results. The evaluation was expected to have its main focus on the period 2008-2011, so as to be able to include assessment of learning outcomes. It covered the entire geographical scope of Fellowship Programme at an overall level and two countries, Ghana and Uganda, were   selected for field visits and more in-depth analysis. 




Evaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark


Oxford Policy Management/SIPU International