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Evaluation of Danish-Bolivian Cooperation 1994-2016

This evaluation documents the results achieved through the Danish-Bolivian cooperation from 1994 to 2016, with a particular focus on the period since 2002. It assesses the specific value added of the Danish approach to supporting sustainable, rights-based development as well as providing lessons learned. The evaluation was undertaken between January and September 2017 through a combination of desk study, key informant interviews and fieldwork in Bolivia.

Overall, Danish assistance has demonstrated a relatively high degree of flexibility and ability to adapt to changing contextual circumstances and “windows of opportunity”. The major challenges in the Danish-Bolivian partnership arose in relation to the institutional support, mainly at central governmental level. Frequent changes in political direction and in management and staff within many of the supported institutions made it sometimes difficult to maintain continuity and ensure ownership of the implemented activities.

However, Danish support to the processes of decentralisation and popular participation, to education (including bilingual education) as well as to the enhancement of the rights, livelihoods and opportunities of indigenous peoples has contributed to fundamental changes in Bolivian society over the past 20 years. 

Download the report, summary and management response (PDF):

Evaluation report

Summary in Danish

Management response 


PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark