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Evaluation of Danish-Nepalese Development Cooperation 1991 -2016

This evaluation provides a record of the longer-term changes achieved through Danish development assistance programmes in Nepal from 1991 to 2016. The evaluation has documented results achieved, explored the value-added and provided lessons learned through the Danish-Nepalese partnership. The evaluation was undertaken from February to August 2017. Multiple sources of information were used, including evidence from the documentary record, and interviews with 193 individual informants and 123 members of beneficiary groups.

Most Danida investments were done in partnership with other donors, and all of them with Nepalese stakeholders. The evaluation found that the Danish engagement contributed to peacebuilding and decentralization in Nepal as well as to the development of the education system as a whole. Other key contributions related to renewable natural resources, urban/industrial environment and dairy development. The evaluation furthermore states that of all the individual donors with which Nepal might have had a long-term relationship, Danida was among the best suited to its particular needs for intimate, non-judgemental and long-term encouragement while it worked out how to solve its own problems in its own way. It is hard to imagine any large, ideologically-driven or multilateral actor performing as well as Danida in such a context.

Download the report, summary and management response (PDF):

Evaluation report 

Summary in Danish

Management response


Publisher Evaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
Author FCG International
Published 21.11.2017
Pages 102
ISBN 978-87-93616-18-9