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Evaluation of the Africa Programme for Peace 2004-2017

Since 2004 over 900 million DKK has been allocated for the “Africa Programme for Peace” (APP). A fourth phase of the programme began 2018, maintaining the focus on support for African peace, security and governance efforts through regional organisations, including the African Union. An evaluation of the programme was considered opportune as a means of thoroughly assessing both progress and the difficulties encountered.

The evaluation had three main aims: to document and assess the results of the APP, 2004-17; to analyse the Danida contributions made to African peace, security and governance initiatives in terms of the value added to processes of conflict prevention and resolution; and to determine focused and targeted recommendations for enhancing the impact of the Africa Programme for Peace (in the fourth phase). Noting that many challenges have been faced by the regional organisations, the evaluation recommended renewed support for institutional capacity strengthening on the basis of clearly defined strategic objectives.

Download the report, summary and management response (PDF)

Evaluation report 

Summary in Danish 

Management Response


Publisher Evaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
Author Ecorys
Published 11.12.2018
Pages 124
ISBN 978-87-93616-85-1