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Lessons learned from promoting gender equality in Danish development cooperation

The evaluation study presents eight examples of Danish-supported interventions to promote gender equality and collates lessons learned from these cases in order to inform and inspire future engagements to promote gender equality.

The evaluation study analyses the cases through three gender justice categories: Representation, Recognition and Redistribution, and provides perspectives on factors contributing to achieving gender transformative development results. The evaluation study is divided into the following chapters: introduction, the context in which Danish support is delivered, case findings, conclusions and lessons learned and perspectives. Annexes provide detail on the methodology used in the study and case documentation.  

 See video clips from four cases below: 


Case 1 - Kenyan lawyers promote gender equality in politics

Case 2 - Sexual minority activists in Kenya take success upon themselves

Case 3 - Law to reduce violence against women in Burkina Faso

Case 4 - Involving men in Burkina Faso to promote education of girls

PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark 
AuthorVerner Kristiansen ApS