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2016/02 Private Capital for Sustainable Development: Concepts, Issues and Options for Engagement in Impact Investing and Innovative Finance

The report summarises the findings of a study on the strategies and tools available to donor agencies and their partners to leverage and deploy private capital for sustainable development.

Reviewing experience with funds and investment vehicles in the fields of innovative finance and impact investing, the study is intended to inform the future engagement of Danida and other bilateral donor agencies in these fields.

The report is divided into the following chapters: introduction, key concepts, critical issues in impact and financial performance, critical issues in fund design and institutional considerations, and conclusions and options for action. Annexes provide more detail on the methodol­ogy used for the study, key concepts and additional background research.



PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
AuthorE.T. Jackson & Associates Ltd./Social Impact Markets