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Evaluation of the Regional Development and Protection Programme in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq 2014-2017

The RDPP is a multidonor programme operating in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq to plan, mitigate and maximise the positive effects of the presence of refugees from Syria. The four-year programme was launched in 2014 with a budget of DKK 315 million, Denmark and the EU being the largest donors. The programme is managed by the MFA.

The evaluation documents programme level outcomes and assesses possible synergies between programme components. The evaluation focuses on evaluating the innovative elements of the programme in working towards durable solutions and addressing the humanitarian-development nexus.

The evaluation finds that the RDPP has proven to be an effective modality for practical response to a protracted crisis in terms of providing for adequate foresight, flexibility and strategic gap filling. The programme has generated very good results at output level, as well as significant potential for outcomes at programme level. The evaluation shows how RDPP’s added value is strongest in the unique, close and flexible partnership approach taken, enabling adaptation to emerging priorities at both policy and community levels.
The evaluation was undertaken by Tana Copenhagen ApS.

Download evaluation report, summary and management response (PDF):

Evaluation report 

Summary in Danish 

Management Response 

    PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
    AuthorTana Copenhagen ApS