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2014/01 Review of Budget Support Evaluations

Budget Support is a prominent aid modality in Danish Development Cooperation, and the Danish Strategy for Development Cooperation “The Right to a Better Life” (2012) indicates the ambition to make greater use of budget support in order to promote ownership and mutual accountability. The group of countries receiving general budget support from Denmark has nevertheless decreased from seven to four and now includes Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania and Burkina Faso.

The objective of this evaluation study is to establish an overview of current evaluation evidence regarding budget support. As such, the evaluation study will contribute to clarifying the theory of change upon which budget support interventions can be based.

In recent years a range of new evaluation studies of budget support has been completed, including a series of country evaluations and agency specific evaluations as well as some studies focused on specific aspects of the budget support modality. The current study reviews these evaluations and studies. It draws general conclusions and lessons that may be useful for future decisions on if, when and how to provide budget support. The review covers seven country studies, four agency specific evaluations and two thematic studies.



Evaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark


Frans Erik Rønsholt, Sera Consulting