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Testing Real-Time Evaluations for Enhanced Adaptability in Danish Aid Programmes

Danida has tested the use of Real-Time Evaluation (RTE) as a more developmental, evaluative feed-back to aid programmes. The scope was to enhance learning feedback to programme during implementation, as well as to improve the capture of results. Findings show that RTEs have added value, but at significant costs. Delays and timing issues have been obstacles. The multi-actor set-up of the RTEs has created challenges, but keeping a flexible and dialogue-based approaches is a key factor for RTE usefulness and the rationale behind the RTE pilots remains valid. The approach may be more successful with the new Danida adaptive aid paradigm (Doing Development Differently).


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Publisher Evaluation, Learning and Quality Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
Author Eva Brandt Broegaard, Advise and Analysis Consult 
Published 14.01.2021
Pages 69
ISBN 978-87-93760-49-3