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Denmark-Niger Strategic Framework 2023-2027
Photo: Jonathan Bjerg Møller/CARE
Photo: Jonathan Bjerg Møller/CARE


Denmark’s vision for our partnership with Niger for the period 2023-2027 is to prevent violent conflict and support peacebuilding and stability in respect of good governance and human rights, and to reduce poverty and inequality by enhancing resilience and accelerating inclusive, sustainable growth.

Niger is confronted by a multi-dimensional crisis dealing with climate change, deep poverty, and related social tensions amplified by high population growth, a fragile economy, and being a young democracy threatened by violent extremism from neighbouring countries. In addition, Niger is at the centre of migration to Europe. Despite these challenges, the government of Niger has managed to establish a relatively stable society and achieved a certain degree of economic growth in recent years. Peace and stability in Niger is essential for the stability of the whole region.

The three strategic objectives for Denmark’s partnership with Niger for the period 2023-2027 are:

  1. Strengthen stability, prevent conflicts, displacement, and irregular migration with the aim of promoting peacebuilding and handling structural causes for changed migration patterns, including forced displacement and irregular migration.
  2. Adaptation to climate change and strengthening resilience with the objective of reducing poverty and preventing conflict drivers by adapting to climate change and supporting increased and equitable access to water resources, green economic growth, and job opportunities.
  3. Promote good governance, human rights, and gender equality to strengthen democracy and promote civic space, accountable public institutions, and human rights, including gender equality and SRHR, in order to fight the root causes of inequality, exclusion, discrimination, and conflict.

The partnership between Denmark and Niger dates back to 1974. The long-term development cooperation with Niger has formed a solid and close partnership in which Denmark is recognized as a credible partner for Niger. The partnership has played a key role in central areas such as democracy, human rights, water resources, and agriculture.

The purpose of the strategic framework is to illuminate Denmark’s vision for the partnership with Niger for the period 2023-2027. The Danish engagement will build on previously achieved results and focus on areas where Denmark has comparative advantages such as climate adaption. The vision reflects that Denmark does not have a representation in Niger.  

The complex situation in the region, especially in terms of security and democracy, risks negatively impacting Niger’s development. Thus, it is essential that the Danish partnership with Niger is based on a flexible strategy that can be adapted in accordance with unexpected events. Denmark’s strategic framework for Niger 2023-2027 addresses the need for flexibility and adaptability.