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Palestine (The occupied Palestinian territory)

Denmark’s strategic vision in Palestine 2021-25 is to support a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the realisation of a two-state solution, while also striving to promote stability in the region and improving the lives of Palestinians, who are caught in the conflict.

Three strategic objectives support the strategic vision:
1) Human rights and democratic accountability
2) Creation of green, sustainable, inclusive economic growth and decent jobs
3) Resilience, peace and stability

The objectives are underpinned by the Danish interest in safeguarding the rules-based international order and holding all parties to the conflict responsible for their actions, maintain the commitment and role of the EU, minimise security implications of the conflict and prevent radicalisation and extremism, as well as reducing irregular migration by addressing its root causes. In realising the objectives, women and youth in particular will be in focus across the areas of intervention. 

The Strategic Framework for Denmark in Palestine 2021-2025 presents the vision for an integrated approach across the political, humanitarian, and developmental engagements.

Read The Denmark-Palestine Bilateral Development programme 2021-2025 here.