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Country Policy Paper for Somalia 2018-2023

The Danish country policy paper for Somalia describes the Danish vision and focus areas for Denmark's partnership with Somalia.
Photo: Maiken Lyster Thonke
Photo: Maiken Lyster Thonke

The overall vision for the Danish engagement in Somalia is:

“to support the development of a stable, peaceful and resilient Somalia undergoing inclusive economic development, which can offer its citizens a positive future and where the government is able to exercise authority with the aim that the situation in Somalia no longer constitutes a threat to regional or international peace, security and welfare.”

The Country Policy Paper for Somalia is in line with Denmark’s Strategy for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action “The World 2030”.

Denmark will support Somalia’s fulfilment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The focus areas are prioritized based on the Somali national development plans and the engagement will primarily focus on the following SDG’s:

  • Ending poverty (Goal No. 1)
  • Ending hunger (Goal No. 2)
  • Quality education (Goal No. 4)
  • Gender equality and empowerment of girls and women (Goal No. 5)
  • Promotion of sustainable growth and decent work (Goal No. 8)
  • Building infrastructure (Goal No. 9)
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions (Goal No. 16)

Additionally, Goal No. 17 on partnerships is a priority across Denmark’s engagement in Somalia.


   Click here to download the Country Policy Paper for Somalia 2018-2023.