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Strategic Sector Cooperation

Strategic Sector Cooperation aims at mobilizing the competencies of Danish public authorities directly in long-term strategic cooperation with counterpart authorities in developing and growth economies. Through this cooperation the Danish authorities promote Danish societal solutions that have been developed through partnerships between the public and private sector – for example know-how on green economy, urbanisation, agriculture and food as well as health.

“The Strategic Sector Cooperation project on water management in South Africa has given us a better understanding of the needs of the South African water sector. It is crucial to ensure that our solutions create value for our South African customers."

Country Manager of Kamstrup South Africa, Petrus Van Heerden

Danish solutions promoting sustainable development

Urbanisation, increase in population and excessive use of natural resources in countries such as Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico are challenging sustainable development. Public-private solutions within urban planning, agriculture, and the transition to a green economy are areas in which Denmark has longstanding experience and can contribute with valuable knowledge and solutions.

We promote Danish solutions through Strategic Sector Cooperation. In Denmark, we have developed collaborations across the public and private sectors on transitioning to a green economy, urban planning, agriculture, food and health. Based on this experience, we can both promote responsible, sustainable development and benefit Danish exports and Danish solutions.

Strategic Sector Cooperation and the Danish private sector

Strategic Sector Cooperation opens doors for Danish industry and business. The partnerships between Danish and local authorities take place in areas where Danish businesses have special competencies and in countries that have particular strategic and commercial significance for Denmark. Sector counsellors with sector-specific expertise are posted at Danish embassies. They help create new market and investment opportunities for Danish businesses.     

Danish companies that are ready to meet the global demand for sustainable solutions in emerging markets can seek guidance on their opportunities at the Trade Council, which is an integrated part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The sector counsellors work closely with the Danish Trade Council. Whilst the Trade Council offers assistance to specific companies, the sector counsellor works more broadly with creating opportunities, assisting with business intelligence, access etc. for Danish business in partner countries. The Strategic Sector Cooperation modality with the sector counsellor, the Danish Trade Council and the Danish sector authority in joint effort is an effective mechanism to accelerate Danish companies’ access to market opportunities.


Maritime cooperation with China – the world's largest manufacturer of ships

Based on long lasting cooperation between Denmark and China in the maritime area, a Strategic Sector Cooperation project with two tracks was established in 2017. The first concerns green shipbuilding. In this area, Danish experience on fuel-efficient solutions is utilised. The second track concerns maritime safety by exchange of experience on port state control, emissions, and fuels.

"The maritime sector counsellor in China has helped strengthen contact and dialogue with the relevant Chinese authorities responsible for shipbuilding, maritime equipment, and technology (...). In addition, through ongoing contact with Danish maritime industrial companies in Denmark as well as through their branches and offices in China, the sector counsellor has helped strengthen– their commercial opportunities in China."

CEO Jenny N. Braat, Danish Maritime

Latest update February 2023.


Facts about the Strategic Sector Cooperation

  • 29 countries:
  • South and North America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia , USA and Mexico
  • Africa: Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa
  • Asia: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam
  • Europe: France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom
  • AS of 2021, 13 Danish authorities are partners in the Strategic Sector Cooperation.
  • 44 Strategic Sector Cooperation agreements have been concluded.
  • 40 sector counsellors are posted at Danish embassies abroad – and more are on the way in selected high-income countries.

Click on the world map to see where Danish authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cooperate with local authorities.


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