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The Danish chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe 2017-2018

Denmark holds the chairmanship of Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe from 15 November 2017 through 18 May 2018. On or via this page, you can find information on the Danish chairmanship, the Council of Europe etc.

The Program for the Danish chairmanship and the Danish Priorities

For the Danish chairmanship, an ambitious and varied program has been made. It consists of five priorities; the first of which is the main priority (the Danish minister mainly responsible in the parentheses):

  1. The European human rights system in a future Europe (The Minister for Justice Søren Pape)
  2. Equal opportunities (The Minister for Fisheries and Equal Opportunities and Nordic Cooperation Karen Ellemann)
  3. Involvement of children and young people in democracy (Minister for Education Merete Riisager)
  4. Changing attitudes and prejudices about persons with disabilities (Minister for Children and Social Affairs Mai Mercado)
  5. Combating torture (Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen)

The program is available here.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen taking over the chairmanship from his Czech colleague at the meeting of the Committee of Ministers in Strasbourg 15 November 2017

Follow the chairmanship

The Council of Europe has launched a special website for the Danish chairmanship, including an English and a Danish version, containing detailed information and continuous updates on the chairmanship, what’s on the agenda in the Committee of Ministers and information about the Council of Europe. See:

You can also stay updated on the Danish chairmanship via the ongoing news stream on and on social media, i.e. the Twitter accounts of the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs @anderssamuelsen, The Danish Minister for Fisheries and Equal Opportunities and Nordic Cooperation @EllemannKaren and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs @DanishMFA, or by searching for #DKChairCoE.