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Terms and conditions

Below you find an overview of the terms and conditions regarding visa applications under the Red Carpet Program and company accreditation. 

Terms and conditions:

  • Schengen visa regulations remain in force and continue to apply also under the Red Carpet Program
  • The main destination must always be Denmark
  • The accreditation of a company/organisation must be completed, before an employee/associate can make use of the Red Carpet benefits.
  • All applicants are always assessed individually, and the Danish mission has the right to request further information or additional documentation and to ask for personal appearance.
  • All applicants are required to apply in person at least every 5 years to have their biometrics recorded.
  • The company must inform the mission if the conditions of the company or other entity change significantly during the contractual term – in particular if conditions of eligibility no longer exist due to e.g. bankruptcy, full or partial dissolution of the entity, or a merger that significantly alters the purpose of the entity which was the basis for the initial RCP contract.

Below you will find examples of behaviour which will result in sanctions against the participating company and result in cancellation of the contract.

In addition the company will be barred from entering a new contract for a minimum of three years. In severe cases the entity will be barred completely without future possibility of joining the program.

  • The mission will inform the local Schengen missions about the black listing of the entity and the reasons for taking this decision.
  • If during the contract term it becomes apparent that the entity provided false or incorrect information in connection when signing the contract.
  • Misuse of a visa would be, if an applicant uses the stay to seek asylum, fails to exit in accordance with the issued visa or applies for a residence permit in an area covered by the “karens rules” of the Aliens Act § 4 c (waiting period barring a person from entering Denmark for up to 5 years).
  • It would be considered as abuse if the applicant works without the necessary authorization during his/her stay.
  • Further it will be considered as abuse if the visa is used for a purpose other than the one stated in the application, e.g. if a visa has been granted for a business visit, and the applicant's primary purpose is actually to travel on tourist or private visit.
  • Failure to obtain accreditation does not influence the possibility of achieving a Schengen visa under standard application procedures
  • There is no appeal if accreditation is not granted