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How to submit a complaint

You can submit a complaint concerning handling of a visa or residence permit application by using the online form below. Please note, that depending on what your complaint is regarding, the complaint should be submitted to different authorities. Please see below regarding the different types of complaints and how to submit them to the correct authority.

Complaints/Appeals regarding decisions

If you wish to complain about the decision in a visa or residence permit case, you must follow the appeal procedure described in your decision letter.

For more information on the appeal process, please refer to the Danish Immigration Service and their contact form on the following website

NB: Please note that a power of attorney is usually requested, if you are presenting a complaint on behalf of the applicant.

Other types complaints:

Please note that if your complaint is about processing time of your application for a residence- and work permit, kindly contact the Danish Immigration Service

If your complaint does not regard the decision itself, please use the contact form below.

Depending on our caseload and complexity of your complaint, you can normally expect to receive an answer within 7 - 15 working days. Please refrain from sending multiple messages with the same complaint.

Your complaint must be written in either English or Danish.

IMPORTANT: If your visa application has been handled by another country on behalf of Denmark (representation agreement) your complaint should be submitted to that country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or relevant mission.

How we process your personal data

Processing of data in relation to your application

Processing of data in relation to your invitation of a visa application (in Danish)

Submit Visa Complaint